Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy

Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy

Looking for a Lost Life Insurance Policy?

find lost life insurance policyYou may be the beneficiary of an unclaimed life insurance policy and not even know it. Estimates are that billions of dollars of benefits remain unclaimed in lost life insurance policies. If there is an unclaimed life insurance policy that named you as the beneficiary you can collect on it – no matter how old it is. But first you have to find it.

With some basic information this site helps you find a lost life insurance policy right now.

search for insurance policiesEach search you perform here accesses the historical records of millions of life insurance policies. Once you submit your search information the insurance companies will contact you directly and confidentially. If an unclaimed insurance policy is found they will tell you what you are entitled to and send you a simple claim form so you can collect your money. This search site is the most complete resource for finding lost life insurance policies. It only takes a few minutes.  Only $39.95!


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This site is offered as a simple, effective tool for anyone to use to find a lost life insurance policy. We have a step-by-step form to be completed to locate your missing policy. Our FAQ page will answer all of your questions about unclaimed life insurance. We never ask for credit card information.